From 19 till the 24th of June the IFCA Prokids World Championships (Sosh Freestyle Cup) were held in Marseille (France).
Normally I was into exams until the 21st but I could do some in advance. It was my first international competition so I was a bit nervousJ. Before Marseille I participated to some Belgian championships and the European championship in Bredene (August 2011).
I went by car together with my dad, Mattijs and his mom. It was a long drive but we made it J. Wednesday we had to subscrive and in the evening the wind picked up a little bit so I could do some nice moves like esliders, flaka’s, spocks,…

Thursday was the first day of competition but there was no wind so we chilled a little bit and played in the water and stuff like that :-). The forecast looked good for Friday and Saturday so we were very exited!

Friday morning the wind seemed  promising, so we decided to start competing at 11o’clock. We started the first single elimination in light wind conditions. For me this was not a problem because I’m really good in low wind moves. My competitors were Mats Moyson(Belgium), Kostya Smirnof(Russia) and in the final I came out  against Mattijs. I managed to do gecko’s in many variations and in the end I won the single elimination.
During the last days of the event the wind was even weaker, and the jury decided to cancel the  double elimination. 

The results of the single elimination were decisive for the title of World Champion 2012. That’s how  I became Prokids World Champion :-).
In our category there were 10 competitors from 7 different countries: Russia, Aruba, Curacao, Italy, France, Belgium and Israel.
In the category U17 Steven Max from Aruba won and I was fourth. My buddy’s Nick Van Ingen (Netherlands) became World Champion U20 and Yentel Caers(Belgium) got a nice fourth place.
It was a good organized event and I had lots of fun J I’m looking forward to attending it next year in the U17. 

As result of  the title I got a lot of publicity in Magazines like Swell, Planche Magazine, websites Stardboard, Karrewiet, Het Nieuwsblad  and I was on Belgian TV with Mattijs and Mats about the world championship. You can read/see the articles in the rubric Media

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